2-Minute YouTube Tips

Learn from Lindsey Boggs with 2-minute tips on social selling selling.



Interactive Webinars

Have sales reps all over the world and want to learn from Lindsey remotely? Interactive webinars allow just that. Lindsey will work with you to develop an agenda that will engage your sales team and get them energized to start selling better and more effectively through social selling.


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keynote speaking lindsey boggs sales connect

Keynote & Sales Kickoff Speaking

Need some motivation for your sales team on social selling? Bring Lindsey onsite and she will get your sales team energized and teach them social selling methodologies that can get put to use immediately which and get them seeing (and tracking!) results in no time.


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sales workshops lindsey boggs social selling

Sales Workshops & Training

Do your 2016 goals revolve around driving more opportunity creation through social selling? Bring Lindsey in to show your sales team how to get a 50+% response rate using her social selling tactics. Need help in measuring and tracking success? Lindsey's got you covered.

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