Meet Lindsey Boggs



From Opera Singer to Social Selling Expert

Lindsey has always been a performer, even from a small age. She started voice and piano lessons at age 7 and her entire upbringing was surrounded by music workshops, summer theatre academies and countless hours honing her craft. Through high school she won countless national awards and had the honor of singing for United States Presidents and Congressmen. Additionally, she has sung all over the globe including two tours in Europe.


First Sales Job

Lindsey knew being an Executive Assistant was not her calling right out of college, but she faced challenges getting anyone to interview her for a role she had no experience in. Finally after 9 months of persistence, she got that interview she worked so hard for and landed her first sales job. Lindsey's transition from opera to sales is documented in another highly popular article, "Songs to Sales: Finding a New Forté". Soon after landing her first sales role, she quickly rose to the top and her secret weapon was LinkedIn. The rest is history. 


Social Selling Spotlight 

Through leading inside sales organizations, Lindsey spread the knowledge she had gained from her own personal success of using LinkedIn to prospect and soon her methodologies were getting noticed. When she posted her most popular (to-date) article on LinkedIn on attaining a "50% Return on InMails" it went 'viral' in the world of social selling. 


Lindsey set a goal in 2015 to get noticed enough that LinkedIn would ask her to speak at their sales conference, and that goal was attained. Not only did Lindsey earn a 45-minute private breakout session, but she was also was recognized for having the highest Social Selling Index (SSI) score at the conference. Having the highest SSI score at the conference came with an ultimate recognition: sharing a stage with Shaquille O'Neal and shooting free throws on stage. 

Full-Time Consulting on Social Selling 

In 2016, Lindsey opened up her own consulting business to teach sales organizations social selling practices through Interactive Webinars and Onsite Sales Workshops. In addition, Lindsey provides keynotes for conferences and sales kickoffs throughout the country. Lindsey has consulted and presented to companies including Oracle, SAP, Netsuite, InterContinental Hotels Group, SparkPost, American Airlines, SkillSurvey, HotSchedules, etailinsights, Brocade, and many more.

alan scheik

Lindsey has become a good friend over the past year through our common interests around advancing social advocacy and social selling. She is a very talented speaker and one of the most knowledgable people within the social world and is highly respected among her peers. In addition to her larger than life personality, Lindsey is an excellent speaker with the ability to reach an audience through her knowledge and charismatic delivery and I’d strongly recommend her for any engagement.

Head of Marketing, Americas Cisco Capital