Paying it Forward One LinkedIn Makeover At A Time

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One thing I'm very passionate about is paying it forward. If you've followed my journey from opera to sales, you'll know that I wouldn't be where I am today without certain people taking a chance on me and setting introductions. As with any career, it's all about "who you know" and I'm so grateful for the people that helped pave my path in my career.


I'm consistently helping friends, colleagues and former colleagues grow their career. I have a knack for writing and I'm constantly helping friends update their LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and mentor on career advice. I've hosted live interactive webinars on building your professional brand and why your LinkedIn profile matters, but some people still struggle with updating their profile. One of my most popular features with my webinars and workshops is when I do a LIVE LinkedIn Makeover...which, made me think of this entire initiative. 


I'm offering my help.


Over the course of several years I've helped dozens of people with their LinkedIn profile for job opportunities as well as optimizing their profile for prospecting in sales.


90% of the people's profiles I makeover get a job interview they've been striving for, or get a sales prospect to respond to them.


Once a week I will pick one person's submission and makeover their profile for free. This comes with a 15-minute phone consultation on what you're trying to achieve, and I will edit and enhance your LinkedIn profile, free of charge.


This is my little way of saying thanks, and to remind everyone to continue to pay it forward. Fill out your details and help spread the word!

Thanks to awesome technology fails with WordPress, my contact form isn't working right now.


To contact me to get a makover, please email me at: makeover (@)


Thank you!

Additional Ways to Learn from Lindsey


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Interactive Webinars

Have sales reps all over the world and want to learn from Lindsey remotely? Interactive webinars allow just that. Lindsey will work with you to develop an agenda that will engage your sales team and get them energized to start selling better and more effectively through social selling.


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Keynote & Sales Kickoff Speaking

Need some motivation for your sales team on social selling? Bring Lindsey onsite and she will get your sales team energized and teach them social selling methodologies that can get put to use immediately which and get them seeing (and tracking!) results in no time.


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Sales Workshops & Training

Do your 2016 goals revolve around driving more opportunity creation through social selling? Bring Lindsey in to show your sales team how to get a 50+% response rate using her social selling tactics. Need help in measuring and tracking success? Lindsey's got you covered.


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