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Lindsey Boggs featured in

In February 2016, Lindsey Boggs was featured in highlighting her career path and how social selling was an integral part of her success.

Named "World's Top Sales Professional"

In April 2016, Lindsey Boggs was named a top sales professional by LinkedIn. This eBook highlights reasons Lindsey became a social selling pioneer as well as Q&A.

How I Get a 50% Return on InMails

Lindsey's most popular article to date, learn how she utilizes LinkedIn's Sales Navigator to generate appointments.

My SSI Score is 99 - Read How 

SSI is important, but how important? I take a deep dive into how I have a high SSI score and the parts that matter the most. 

Defining an InMail & Email Cadence

Everyone's cadence is different. This article helps establish a foundation for a cadence in how to prospect with email and InMails.

Thanks for Ignoring Me All the Way to the Top

This article details Lindsey's experience with her first job out of college and challenges she faced daily and how she overcame them. 

People Before Pipeline: Why People Said They Responded To Me 

Lindsey talks about how building relationships through LinkedIn was her biggest success and why. 

5 Reasons People Aren't Responding to your InMails

Lindsey highlights 5 things that many people do all the time that may deter people from responding to them. Lindsey proposes ways to get people's attention in a positive light.

How to Set Meetings (Dozens!) Before a Trade Show

Lindsey discusses tips on how to set up dozens of meetings prior to a trade show.

Q&A Around My 50% Return Article

Lindsey answers many questions around her popular article "How I Get a 50% Return on InMails" in this article.

My Experience was a Slam Dunk @ Sales Connect

LinkedIn's Sales Connect conference was a slam dunk for me in more way than one. A recap the greatest conference I've been a part of to date.

My journey going from Opera to Sales

This article details how Lindsey went from having an Opera degree to excelling quickly in sales. Learn about how she quickly rose to the top in Sales.

LinkedIn Videos

View Lindsey's videos from LinkedIn's Sales Connect Conference  

Lindsey Recognized for Highest SSI Score with Shaq  

Head of Marketing crowns Lindsey Boggs "Social Selling Legend" on stage with Shaquille O'Neal

Lindsey shoots (and nails!) two free throws! 

Lindsey gets lucky and shoots two free throws and wins $10K for the Boys & Girls Club of America! 

45-Minute Breakout: Maximizing Your Outreach 

In every 10 InMails sent, Lindsey's team is getting 5+ responses using five strategies that have been proven to work. 

YouTube Tips 

2-Minute Tips on Social Selling by Lindsey Boggs 

Videos Featuring Lindsey 

Lindsey has appeared on several podcasts, video webinars and interviews. 

BLAB Podcast with Jeff Leo Herrmann

In this #BLAB with Jeff Leo Herrmann, Lindsey reveals the secrets to her Social Selling success as well as predictions for the future of social selling. She has 1 tip that will save you time, money and aggravation.

Podcast with Sports Tao & Troy Kirby

Lindsey has started to blaze a trail in the sales world through her early adoption of LinkedIn as a social selling tool. Boggs has a 99% Social Selling Index (SSI), and has trained three teams to generate more leads and convert more prospects into sales using Sales Navigator.

Q&A @ LinkedIn's Sales Connect

A series for 5 interview, Gloopt interviewed me on how my career in sales began, my greatest strength in sales, my tips for building relationships and key milestones in my life that led me to where I am today. 

Linking Into Sales Podcast 

In this episode, you will discover Lindsey's three “P’s” of social selling: Personalization, Persistence, and Patience. You will also hear about her presentation from Sales Connect about getting 50% response rates on her InMail outreach and what moments delivered incredible value to attendees.

Miscellaneous Articles & Press Releases Featuring Lindsey

Lindsey has been featured in press releases, LinkedIn's blogs, and others. 

Lead Builder: The Secret Sauce in Sales Navigator 

With LinkedIn's Sales Solutions team, Lindsey writes a detailed description of how Lead Builder is often overlooked in Sales Navigator, yet it is one of the most effective features in the platform. Blog Feature

Lindsey was featured on's website featuring her InMail + Email cadence that achieves a 60%+ response rate. 

Selling Power Magazine Features Lindsey Boggs

Having the highest Social Selling Index score at Sales Connect, Lindsey Boggs was featured in Selling Power magazine.

Lindsey Boggs featured as Top 10 Social Seller

In this ebook, InsideOut delivered the results of their experimentation on using the Top 10 Social Selling techniques in their sales acceleration innovation lab. Lindsey finished the leader in the pack.


Press Release: Lindsey Boggs joins etailinsights! 

Boggs joins etailinsights and is an experienced sales executive that was recently recognized as a “Legend in Social Selling” after receiving the highest Social Selling Index (SSI) score at the 2015 LinkedIn Sales Connect conference.