Read what customers are saying about working with Lindsey Boggs.

"Lindsey has become a good friend over the past year through our common interests around advancing social advocacy and social selling. She is a very talented speaker and one of the most knowledgable people within the social world and is highly respected among her peers.  In addition to her larger than life personality, Lindsey is an excellent speaker with the ability to reach an audience through her knowledge and charismatic delivery and I’d strongly recommend her for any engagement." 


Alan Scheik, Head of Marketing, Americas

Cisco Capital

"Lindsey did a workshop with my sales team in Oct 2015 over Skype. Her story was memorable, relatable, and compelling. She transforms social networking into true community building and brand excitement. Since her workshop and LinkedIn power user tips and tricks, my team has sent out more InMails with a higher response rate for meetings and begun more meaningful conversations with our prospects."


Kelli Lampkin, Sales Director Software


"Thanks Lindsey! I really admire how you're still able to be so personable to a member like me while running the growing empire that is Lindsey Boggs. Much appreciated!


I was able to book a meeting yesterday using some of your personalization techniques and I look forward to joining your upcoming webinars and continuing to learn more.


Keep up the great work! You've really inspired our team to do more with the tools we are given."


Timon Tran, Inside Sales


"I used Lindsey's advice to improve my profile. Since I updated my profile I have seen an increase in activity on my profile views."


Rick Simmons, Director of Federal Sales

Brocade Communications

"You did a fantastic job at our meeting yesterday. Our team really enoyed your informative/humorous presentation. Congratulations on all your success with Linkedin, and thanks for providing your expertise and advice on how to improve my profile."


Byron Canty, Manager, New Business Global Sales

American Airlines

"I just felt that I needed to share this with you: I've just landed a meeting with a CIO of a global company of 26,000 employees in Belgium. Never spoke to him on the phone. Sent LinkedIn connection request 3 week ago, sent thank you InMail for accepting my connection request , sent 1st message to his personal email that shows up on his linked in profile concerning a foundation he is involved in and that is highlighted on his linked in profile 10 days ago, sent meeting request via InMail yesterday, replied positively last night. I am following your InMail cadence that you shared a while ago and it is magic. I tweak it a little bit with some of our email marketing program content and messaging but it works a lot. I reached a point where now, I would say 2/3 of my meetings are coming from LinkedIn activity and 1/3 from cold calling. Please continue sharing your content, I am a big fan :)"


Gregiore Kiss, Strategic Acquisition Manager



"Lindsey just hosted a private label webinar for our entire sales team at Snagajob. She and I had worked closely to map out the key insights to teach our sales team on how to create their LinkedIn profile and build a network on LI, as well as how to understand Sales Navigator and Social Selling more effectively. She was AWESOME. Engaging, drew lots of great questions that she handled on the fly, and I got incredibly positive feedback on what folks learned. Already getting requests for her to come back for a 2.0 version in a few months!"


Caroline Holt, Head of Sales Training & Development


"Lindsey's training is practice and based off real world results. The day after Lindsey trained my team in social selling and personalized emails, I reached two decision makers and booked both meetings! Lindsey, your awesome!"


Rafael Marrero, Inside Sales


"I wanted to let you know that I've been using your cadence/strategy for Sales Navigator over the past couple of weeks and it has been extremely effective! Thank you very much for the insights and am very proud of my 84 SSI!"


Alex Lentz, Marketing & Operations Analyst 



"We invited Lindsey to be a Keynote at our 2016 Company Kickoff meeting to help all of our employees learn how to improve their ability to socially interact in a professional and meaningful way.  Lindsey did a great job.  Her presentation was highly engaging and interactive.  She did such a great job that her session ran long due to the amount of questions asked and the information wanted by our employees." 


Ray Bixler, President & CEO


"Lindsey’s interactive webinar on sales strategies was the single most valuable learning for us recently around really understanding the mindset of our prospects and connecting with them on a level that truly engages their interest. We walked away with a lot of “aha” ideas inspired by Lindsey.  Our team definitely feels more confident about this unique approach given her successful track record."


Senior Executive


"Lindsey delivered a great one hour training session for our team on Social Selling.  She was engaging, prepared, delivered fresh ideas and had great content. We are seeing results already,  the information presented was to the point and actionable. I loved her direction on creating a “sales cadence” within LinkedIn. I looking forward to our next engagement with Lindsey Boggs, she is a Social Selling expert."


Chris Collura, Senior Regional Sales Manager

Brocade Communications

"I was skeptical that it would be worthwhile but Lindsey was an inspiration and I’ll be implementing many of her recommendations."


Sales Representative

Brocade Communications

"I used your advise to improve my profile. Since I updated my profile I have seen an increase in activity on my profile views."


Rick Simmons, Director Federal Sales

Brocade Communcations

"It was such a pleasure to have Lindsey speak with our Business Development team in Oracle headquarters. She was incredibly professional and accommodating, especially given the small window of time she had to prepare for her presentation.  Lindsey is a fantastic speaker and it was evident from the beginning that she is truly the expert of social selling. We are grateful for the experience and would be glad to have her back any time."


Kayla Kearns, Business Development


"We recently had Lindsey deliver her Introduction to Social Selling at our all employee kick off meeting and couldn’t be happier with the result. Lindsey delivered a high energy session that had our employees engaged, asking questions and wanting more.  She made certain all employees understood how they could engage on LinkedIn to enhance our brand and company profile – and she provided specific examples and precise advice that was particularly relevant to our sales team.  Lindsey was able to quickly understand our value prop and make suggestions to our team to help breakthrough and engage with new prospects."


Michelle Reed, CMO


"Lindsey Boggs is a social media selling guru and an inspiration to sales professionals everywhere. Her expertise lead to the development of my territory from a relationship building perspective and double digit growth in pipeline development. Lindsey's innovative methodology helps engage multiple stakeholders and also assists in building ones social media brand. Thank you Lindsey for all your great work."


Ben Martinez, Sales Executive



"My SSI went up 6 points since Thursday.  Now at 80. Great job on bringing Lindsey in!!! I was impressed with her presentation.  Provided me with an immediate impact"


Rob Bennett, VP Channel Alliances 


"Your presentation at our meeting was a game changer for me. My longevity at AA kept me in a comfort zone and I realized that I needed to do a better job of branding myself. So..thank you thank you."


Rebeca Spaulding, Corporate Team Leader Inside Sales

American Airlines

"Recently I had Lindsey present to my sales team on “How to leverage LinkedIn in their daily selling activities”. At first, many of the reps were skeptical that it would be worthwhile since they were already using LinkedIn. Lindsey inspired and motivated the entire team to implement her methodologies and use of social media to break into new accounts."


Craig Reichenbach, Regional Sales Manager

Brocade Communications

"Before I learned about personalizing subject lines, my monotonous subject line emails weren’t being opened or responded to. After Lindsey talked to us about her success with personalized subject lines, I started taking the extra minute to search through a prospect’s LinkedIn profile to find relatable info to throw into the subject line. My success with this has been astounding! I finally started getting responses! This is has been completely game changing for me."


Christina Paiva, Enterprise Sales Development