Sales Tools That Saved Me 400+ Hours in 2015 (Part 1)


Prepare to be shocked like the woman in the photo. I still have that expression when I uncover new sales tools that save me a ton of time.


I feel like I'm sitting on a gold mine with all of the tools I use every day to prospect and close deals. Most of them I use without even thinking, they're just engrained in my day-today. It was fun calculating how much time each tool saves, if you know me even a little bit, you know I love data and proof.


Recently I told a colleague about a single tool that saves me a minimum of 4 hours per week, and that's when I had a lightbulb go off in my head and prompted me to write this article. My hope is for you is to find at least one tool that helps your productivity in your day-to-day by reading this. 


TextExpander (Mac Only *see alternative below*)


You know the dreadful phrase "I can't even"? That's how I feel about this tool. Major kudos and props to my former colleague Kyle Bieda for introducing this tool to me. This tool alone saves me a minimum of 4 hours per week - the data geek in me loves that it actually tracks how much time I save.  Here's what it does:


  • You know all those InMails I write for prospecting? I keep all of my shells for different verticals in here, and code each shell with a simple code like "LIprospectVA" and as soon as I type those letters, the text auto-populates. IT'S AMAZING, FOLKS. So much time saved, there are no words.
  • Tired of remembering your company's mailing address? I keep things like addresses, phone numbers, and things I consistently have to email folks in here and code them accordingly. For example, my company's mailing address is coded "etailaddress" and the moment I type that, the text appears.
  • Just watch the videos. I rest my case.
  • Price: $44.95 but the best $44 you'll ever spend.
  • **If you do not have a Mac, try "PhraseExpander" - I have not used it, but online reviews claim to be similar to TextExpander


MobileDay (Apple & Android)


Ever taken a call from the road and dial in to a conference bridge only to realize you can't memorize that 9-digit access code, nor can you find a pen that works or paper to write it on? Yeah, I've been in that boat, too. When my friend and former colleague Jack Kusner told me about this app, again, #mindblown. 

  • MobileDay syncs with your calendar and recognizes all conference calls andany meetings that have a phone number in the calendar invite. All you do is go to the app on your phone (once you download it) and press ONE button to dial in to your call. It auto dials the conference bridge for you.
  • You will never have to find a pen and paper again. You will never have to try to memorize those 9 digits only to fail 3 times and make yourself late to a meeting. You're welcome again.
  • Price is $9.95 for the unlimited dials. Worth every penny and more.

etailinsights (Mac & PC)


Yeah, I know what you're thinking - she works there, that's not fair. Bear with me: I used etailinsights for 3 years before coming to work here and it's a KEY reason why I was successful in my last two roles in sales. 


If you prospect in the retail vertical, read on. If you don't skip this section.


etailinsights is a platform for sales and marketing professionals who need email addresses and phone numbers for executives in retail. Not only that, but etailinsights also contains data on the retailer's websites of key information: ESP (Email Service Provider), ecommerce platforms, logistics platforms, analytical tools, and much more. 


Last year alone etailinsights saved me at least 5 hours/week. That's nearly an entire half day a week saved. Before etailinsights, when it was trade show time, I would manually look up each person in hopes of finding contact information. With etailinsights, you can upload a list (List Genius) and we append the data in less than a minute. That, alone, saved me over 2 weeks of work with each trade show. True story.



Curious for more details, contact me via LinkedIn :-)


Fantastical 2 (Mac only)


Do you and your family send each other calendar invitation to remind each other to remember to pick up the kids groceries? I do in my family. I have a work email and personal email, and at times it can get obnoxious having all of the tabs open. I already have 84 tabs open at once, why do I need 2 more? Fantastical 2 allows you to merge ALL calendars into one.


  • There are some slick shortcuts to adding a calendar invitation in literally seconds
  • More shortcuts to opening your calendar using {command}{7} (or whatever you choose) and getting a brief glimpse of your day
  • It differentiates your calendar invitations by color so you know if it's work related or not
  • Price: $39.99 and worth all the frustration of not having multiple tabs and reminders blowing up my notifications 

TurboScan (Apple & Android)


Ever catch yourself saying "yeah, I'll scan it and send it back", only to realize you don't have a scanner nearby? Fear not, TurboScan has been a huge relief in my life.

  • Download the app to your phone, take a photo of the item you want scanned (photo, piece of paper, whatnot), and you can save as a PDF, jpeg, or pretty much any kind of file you want. 
  • After you scan the item (it can be multiple pages, FYI) you can email it out straight from the app
  • Fun tidbit: I scanned all 64 pages of closing documents when I bought my first home. Using TurboScan. Never got out of my pajamas to find a scanner. #WINNING
  • Price: $3.99. Yeah, no brainer. 

Yoink (Mac Only)


By the way, just so you know right now I'm having anxiety over how I've ranked these tools, because if I could, I would put them ALL at #1. 


Yoink is awesome for when you want to drag and drop a file somewhere. Typically I would have to shrink a browser so I could find that one single file out of 121 items on my desktop. I don't know how you operate, but my desktop is....embarrassing. 

  • Yoink is a tool that activates when it senses you're dragging an item - a document, a photo, a file of any time, and allows you to hold that item there until you want to drop it elsewhere.
  • It lives on the side of your desktop and again, is only visible when you start dragging a file. It looks like this:

  • Seriously so much of my time has been saved, not to mention frustrating of finding a file on my cluttered desktop
  • Price: $6.99.

CloudApp (Mac & PC)


I'm sure most people already have this tool but just in case...

  • CloudApp allows you to take a screen shot on your computer and immediately paste that link to view the screen shot
  • I use it all the time when someone is asking me where something is on a site, or what my error message may be, etc
  • Price: FREE - $25/month, depending on your desired subscription

I hope there's at least one tool you take away from this post to help in productivity. There are more, many more. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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